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"Sé creativo. Cuando todo parezca perdido, usa la imaginación. En los momentos de crisis, sólo la creatividad es más importante que el conocimiento."Albert Einstein.

"Be creative. When all seems lost, use your imagination. In times of crisis, only creativity is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein.

sábado, julio 27, 2013

Interesting article: Your Scrapbook Page Focal Point Doesn’t Have to Be A Photo.

I've found today an interesting article at Get It Scrapped.
You can read it here: [only in English]

From the article: "Photos are most often the focal points on scrapbook pages. They don’t have to be, though. Depending upon your story and the materials you’re working with you could make a title, journaling, or embellishments the focal point of a page."

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